Counselling Code

Women Empowerment Cell


These are to serve the women faculty & students of college

To enhance the self-esteem and self confidence of women students, faculty and staff in the College.

To promote intellectual & cultural activities for overall personality development of students.

To develop critical thinking ability of women students such that it enhances decision making ability.

To enable women to make informed choices in areas like education, employment and health especially reproductive health.

To enhance their active participation on an equal footing in all areas.


Conducted a programme on “Gender Discrimination & Safety” on 31.08.2017. Dr.S. RAHINI,,M.B.A,M.Phil addressed the gatherin.

Women’s Day was celebrated on 8.3.2018. Dr.Malathy G Prasad, M.D, DGO, Consultant, I.S.Nursing Home & Janani Fertility Centre gave general awareness on Harmonal Imbalance

  • Proper dress code should be followed. Body fit clothing, transparent or revealing out fits should be avoided. Salwar Kammeez with thuppatta is advisable for girls.
  • Sharing of mobile phone numbers with the unknown persons should be avoided.
  • Harassment of any nature should be reported to the higher authorities for redressal.
  • The 24 hours helpline desk made available for teaching & non-teaching staffs and students can be utilized for reporting any untoward incidents which cause physical & mental anguish.