Counselling Code



Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Area of Specialization
Dr.P.Lilly Florence M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., Professor & Head Environmental chemistry & Phytochemistry
Dr. Berbath Mary S M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor Nano Technology
Mr.Richard Prabhu Gnanakkan M.Sc., M.Phil., Associate professor Metal Oxides And Polymer Electrolytes
Mrs.Beulah Elizabeth.F M.Sc., M.Phil., Assistant professor Bio Chemistry
Ms. Ashraf Banu A M.A., M.Phil., Assistant professor Research on domestic violation
Mr.K.Balamurugan M.Sc., M.Phil., Associate Professor Fuzzy Algebra
Mrs.Sindhuja.S M.A., M.Phil., Assistant professor Psycho Analytical Study
Ms.P.Shanthalakshmi M.Sc., M.Phil., Assistant Professor Differential Equation
Mrs.Maheswari M.A., M.Phil., Assistant Professor Thematic Study
Mr. Kamaraj.P M.A., M.Phil., Assistant Professor Critical Study On Novels
Mr.N.Devadoss M.A., M.Phil., Assistant Professor Theme Centric Research
Mr. Kabilan S M.Sc., M.Phil., Assistant Professor Differential Equation
Dr.Velvizhi M.Sc., M.Phil., Assistant Professor Mathematical Modeling
Ms. Nageswari Rosy K M.Sc., M.Phil., Assistant Professor Number Theory
Ms.Meena.C M.Sc., M.Phil., Assistant Professor Fuzzy mathematics, Operation Research
Mrs.India Shanthi M.Sc., M.Phil., Assistant Professor Differential Equation


To attain excellence in pedagogy and enhance potential skills in the areas of humanities and sciences by preparing professional leaders to face the emerging global challenges and to Foster cultural enrichment.


To encourage the students to know the practical applications of concepts through real time experience and participation.
To provide an amicable ambience to prepare and inspire the students to indulge in creativity and innovation.

Details of Laboratories

Sl No Name of the Laboratory Area of laboratory
1 Chemistry Laboratory 112 square metre
2 Physics Laboratory 112 square metre
3 English communication skills lab 66.30 square metre

Department of Physics

Department of Physics was established in the year 2010 during the inception of M.A.M. School of Engineering. The department has well trained teaching faculty along with laboratory facilities to facilitate higher education for B.E and B.Tech students of the college in the field of engineering physics focusing current areas of interest.

The department is constantly endeavors to provide a clear understanding to the technical curriculum of engineering students with the main aspect of engineering physics being to educate about the need of physics in various engineering applications. With this perception, the faculty aims to train everyone to have proper exposure in the laboratory experiments too.

Physics Department is regularly organizing seminars and guest lectures by eminent professors and scientists from various institutions for the benefit of students to have exposure in various fields of science, engineering and technology. The department is also actively involved in organizing student paper presentations and quiz programmes.


The department endeavors to
Provide solid foundation in the fundamentals of physics to students.
Prepare students for higher level learning in Engineering and Technology.
Provide basic research ideas leading to Ph.D programmes in different engineering fields.
Offers its own course to complement programmes of other disciplines.


The department is committed to
Quality teaching through experienced faculty with well equipped laboratory.
Initiate self learning in laboratory classes.
Organize periodical seminars to create awareness of the latest trends in Science and Technology.
Update the knowledge of staff through faculty development programmes.
Sustain basic research and participate at the research centre established in the college

First Year Programme During August 2017

Orientation Programme - “Good Vs Great”
10TH AUG, 2017
Auditorium, MAMSE

Dr.P.Lilly Florence (HOD) addressed the gathering. Prof. Boominathan has given a key note address on “good visit to Great”. He was the former Head, PG Department of commerce, Bishop Heber college, Trichy. He has been awarded with “Life Time Achievement award in commerce and the trainer of staff and students in state and national level .His service extended towards the famous Universities, colleges in whole over the students of Tamil Nadu. The students were seated Spellbound and his marvelous Speech highly motivated the students. Programme ended with vote of thanks by Mr .J. Bharathi Prakash, Asst.Prof.

Orientation Programme - “Face the Future”
17th AUG, 2017
Auditorium, MAMSE

On 17th August, 2017 Prof. G. Balakrishnan, former Vice-Principal & Head , Department of English, St.Joseph’s college, Trichy presides over the programme . He has been awarded with national and state level. He is very popular with his efficient speech in multimedias, such as Radio, TV, Newspaper etc. He is a versatile personality and he has conducted a day seminar for the freshers titled “Face the Future”. Dr.P. Lilly Florence (HOD-S&H)Presented welcome address. These two session program was very interesting. He made each student to speak in English. It is such a wonderful programme which enlightened the students. Mrs.R. Karpagam, Asst .prof., Department of English delivered vote of thanks.

Visit to G.K.Industries
18TH AUG, 2017
Siruganur, Trichy

Today around 160 students and 8 faculty members have gone for industrial visit (11a.m -1.30pm to G.K. Industries, Siruganur, Trichy. The students are excited and got the practical and technical knowledge about the designing, manufacturing and functioning of the Railway spare parts as well as the side doors, windows, Body constructions. All the staff members explained elaborately, about the questions and doubts of the students. Students are thrilled about the working system of machineries, for the production process. The functions of drawing, cutting, assembling, lifting machines made astonished the students.

Orientation Programme - “I am an Engineer - Go the extra mile, it is never crowded there”
19TH AUG, 2017
Auditorium, MAMSE

On 19th August, 2017 Mr.R.Bhaskaran, MBA (HR) given a day seminar titled “I am an Engineer - Go the extra mile, it is never crowded there” Mrs. Karpagam Asst .Prof (Dept of English) has given welcome address.He is a dynamic MBA Professional, founder of ISAC. He is the pioneer of implementing Govt of India sponsored projects on PMKVY, in addition to that he is the author for more than 7 books in soft skills, communicative skills, career guidance,Read more

Orientation Programme - “Let us Arise and Build”
21ST AUG, 2017
Auditorium, MAMSE

On August 21st,2017,.Dr.Sankari, Former Vice principal, Head , Department of social welfare, Cauvery College, for Women, Trichy has given a session Seminar titled “Let us Arise and Build”. In Around 198 students, faculty members gathered in Auditorium. Mr. Bharathy Prakash , AP/English welcomed the gathering. Dr.Sankari has presented 21 papers and visited many countries. She is the member of Child Welfare committee, counselor- District Family Court, Trichy and organized many international, national symposium titled on Child rights, spot light on women, etc. Read more

Orientation Programme - “Personality Development”
22ND AUG, 2017
Auditorium, MAMSE

On 22nd August 2017, Mrs. R. Karpagam,, Department of English has taken seminar for a session titled “Personality Development”. She was the former director of Rover schools, served in many colleges as, Principal and Vice Principal for many schools and presented 7 papers. She has got 25 years experience. She discussed about the goal setting health &food habits, tuning of mind and different aspects of personality development. Further she Read more

Visit to Anna Planetarium (23-08-2017)
23RD AUG, 2017

On 23rd August 2017, 205 Students and 10 staff members went to Anna Planetarium, the students familiarized about the 3D Pictures. Students were more excited on watching 3D movie, and also they have learnt about the planets, solar family, Satellite, meteors, galaxy, and Universe. The Dark room in planetarium for visualizing the planets has given much pleasure to the students. The Liver methodology, Museum, evaluation of animals and Man Park are also visited by our students.

Orientation Programme – “What Next”
24TH AUG, 2017
Auditorium, MAMSE

On 24th August 2017, Orientation Programme was conducted by Mr. Mohan Periyannasamy, HR, Soft skill, International Trainer and social scientist, member of child welfare Committee, Trichy, Senate member of Exnora, and member of Anti-Ragging Committee in K.A.V.P. Viswanathan Govt. Medical College. He has won many Awards, author of Book of 1000 ideas, Am I celebrity, What next etc., Dr. Lily Florence HOD- S&H Welcomed the gathering. He created awareness on environment, Clean and green campus, Consumption of healthy and hygienic food items, Read more

Orientation Programme – “Human Kind”
29TH AUG, 2017
Auditorium, MAMSE

On 29th August 2017 Dr.Subburethina Bharathy, Director MAM Business School Conducted a day seminar titled “Human kind”, He is a Versatile Personality and the member of Board of studies of Anna University, Holy Cross College ( Affiliated to Bharathidasan University.) He has received many awards, conducted many FDP Programme. He has done funded project about Rs 250,000 Dr.P. Lilly Florence(HOD S&H) presented welcome address .He made alive the Programme with multi clippings on Human development discussed about the Business entrepreneurship. He motivated the students to keep the surrounding Clean and green. Vote of thanks given by Mrs.R. Karpagam Asst.Prof (Dept of English)

Visit to Airport
30TH AUG, 2017

On 30th August 2017, around 208 students and 10 staff members Visited Trichy International Airport, The students visualized the aero plane, Helicopter Run way, Fuel Filling of aero plane. They have come to know about the Domestic, national, International, platforms and Multiple Airways.

Orientation Programme - “Silayam Neeye Sirpiyum Neeye(Tamil)”
31ST AUG, 2017
Auditorium, MAMSE

On 31st August 2017 Prof.Amala Ruban, Head(Dept of English),HR,MAMCE conducted a day seminor titled on “Silayam Neeye Sirpiyum Neeye(Tamil)” Mrs. Karpagam Asst. Prof Dept. of English welcomed the gathering, HOD Dr Lilly Florence and faculty members, students were presented. He advised the students to be patience until attain success. He asked them to be positive to get success. Further he told that everyone should overcome many obstacles in the name of pains and sorrows. Read more

Orientation Programme – "stress management"
16TH SEP, 2017
Auditorium, MAMSE

On Sep 16th 2017 a program ‘stress management’ was conducted by Mrs. Karpagam Asst. Prof Dept. of English for first year students. The students have learnt how to be away from day today problems and how to focus on studies. It is really innovating program for the students.After 11 a.m, Dr.P.V.K.Perumal, Dean MAMSE conducted a seminar titled how to win the examination. He elaborately discussed about the attitude must be followed , during the pre preparation of examination, on the time of examination, after . Read more

Orientation Programme – “Ethical & Moral Values”
19TH SEP, 2017
Auditorium, MAMSE

On Sep 19, 2017 Dr. Jaganathan, Vice-chairman, College governing Council; Director, Research and Development MAMSE, Currently the PROVOST, Saint Vincent University, West Indies, Former Vice-chancellor, Middle East University, UAE has addressed the first year students .He asked the students to be sincere in studies, must have proper diet to avoid unhealthy condition and illness. Apart from that he insisted the students to have moral, ethics and respect the human values. The students must clarify the doubts now and then and they should focus only on studies.

Orientation Programme – “Who is real Engineer?”
16TH SEP, 2017
Auditorium, MAMSE

Dr. S. Madhu, Former Scientist, CECRI & Patent Developer, was the resource person for the day’s programme on 26.09.2017. He interacted with first year B.E students. He explained few points such as what is engineering, how to study engineering with freedom of thinking & creativity and getting engineering degree is easy but being an engineer is very tough. He answered many questions which were asked by students. Dr. P.Lilly Florence, First year Chief co-ordinator and Head, Department of Chemistry welcomed the gathering and introduced the resource person. Mrs. R. Karpagam, AP/English, MAMSE proposed vote of thanks.